Donate Stock or Mutual Funds

Contributing stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other securities to Direct Relief helps deliver humanitarian medical resources where they are needed most. There might also be valuable tax benefits to you if you donate securities that have appreciated.

Please notify Direct Relief when you make a gift of stock or other securities. It is common for stock gifts to be transferred without enough information to identify you as the donor. Notification helps us track your gift and send you a receipt in a timely manner.

To donate securities, instruct your broker to transfer them to:

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Account name: Direct Relief
Account number: 6278-8039
DTC Clearing 0164, Code 40

If you do not have a broker or hold the stock certificates you wish to donate, please contact Direct Relief at the link above, and a team member will work with you to help you make your gift.

For tax purposes, the donation date is when the securities are deposited into Direct Relief’s account.

This information is offered to help you understand some of your options for making a charitable gift to Direct Relief. Only a lawyer or tax professional can give you tax advice.

Is it time to update the beneficiaries on your investment accounts?

Consider making a charitable gift to Direct Relief when you pass away by naming Direct Relief as a beneficiary on your account. Doing so could reduce the taxes owed by your estate and simplify making a gift that avoids probate or other lengthy administration processes.

Contact your financial institution for instructions on naming or updating account beneficiaries. If you choose to make Direct Relief a beneficiary of a financial account, please let us know. Doing so will allow us to thank you for your generosity and help ensure your gift is properly recognized when received.

Direct Relief’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) for tax reporting is 95-1831116.

Direct Relief offers free access to online forms from Giving Docs to help you designate account beneficiaries or donate stock, mutual funds, and other securities. If you would like to start using Giving Docs to help you donate securities or name Direct Relief as a beneficiary of a brokerage or mutual fund account:

Giving Docs is a third-party platform that is separate and independent from Direct Relief. Direct Relief does not review the services provided or the documents you create using Giving Docs. Direct Relief is not liable for the use of Giving Docs services. Your use of the Giving Docs platform is subject to Giving Docs’ Terms of Service, which we encourage you to review.